• I cannot count the number of things that are wrong in this research article

    You recruit N=24 students. To apply for fictious low-profille secretary jobs. Over the Phone. With artificial, dominance-rated pictures. To measure whether their pitch varies.

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  • In one point, Krauss is right: Philosophy is just not philosophy anymore. Philo-sophia is love for knowledge. It has become a speculation of beliefs.

    If you want to use up your popcorn reserves for a year, this clip may be a good opportunity :-)

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  • In business settings, I often hear complaints that people did not learn anything from past experience, although that error has already been made and the information was there.

    Thus, I postulate:

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  • When talking about ethics, it helps distinguishing between utilitarian ethics that are directed towards the group or whole, and deontological ethics that emphasize the individual.

    It appears, that the current political landscape is divided at exactly this border, and democratic constitutional attempts no longer maintain their balance. Notably, capitalism turned loose appears to over-emphasize deontological ethics.

    Is this really the only direction things can develop?

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  • Empathic care and empathic distress cluster nicely into positive and negative affective connotation.

    The group of researchers discovering the different systems involved in empathic care and empthic distress, also conducted a cluster analysis on the associated feelings:

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