• Easy takeaway from this lecture of Jordan Peterson: Peterson claims that humans are not 100% rational, not everything is transparent to us. We do things that we don’t understand all the time. That … is the shortest precise definition of Freud’s “unconscious” I have heard yet.

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  • The Religions say that you shouldn’t interfere with creation or God’s will. But. Even if you go down that road, then whatever you do or decide is already contained in God’s will. It’s not people interfering with a creationg, it’s contingent intelligence expressing itself. This line of reason offers as little ethical discussion as does a purely Darwinist stance …

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  • Jemand erklärt mir, Quantenmechanik ist der Beweis dafür: alles ist Bewusstsein, und ich spontanentlade im Google+-Feed von Jutta Ahrens.

    Ich glaube, manche verwechseln rekursive Interaktion mit Nichtexistenz, weil sie sie gedanklich irgendwie wieder in die lineare Kausalität aufklappen.

    Den Rant muss ich hier aber für alle Ewigkeit festhalten, dass ich zu sowas fähig bin, ich! :-) …

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  • Due to popular demand I’ve compiled all tetxts of the old website into one single document and added it to the Art of Balls section on

    Unfortunately, I never got around to translate the last two sections into English. So you’ll have to live with a mix that starts English, and suddenly turns German for the last third :-)

    Due to heavy time constraints, I decided to publish it on the site as is, instead of never getting around to doing so.


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  • Agile is not agile. People often cannot agree on meeting culture. Different ways of thinking sometimes are not so subject specific. Rather, complete mindscapes can be defined that shape indivual thinking. At least Maruyama (1980) gave us a model to think along these lines. What does “agile” mean for all four proposed thinking types? Read here …

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