• Here’s a small situational analysis that came up in a game, but so reminded me of what is wrong with our businesses.

    Assume you’re in a roleplay game. Assume you have an armada of spaceships. That armada flies in groups. One squad of destroyers, one squad of big tanky battleships, one squad of support ships. They fly missions. You join a couple of these missions in different squads and observe that there is one important ingredient missing: teamwork.

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  • Scriptures like the Bible or the Qur’an have little to offer for the atheist scientist. The atheist scientist has completely stopped to ask “Why?” questions and finds delight in investigating “How?” things work. He knows emergence, butterfly effects, how complexity may arise from almost nothing, and does not need transcendental explanations for human complexity or afterlife.

    However, what has science to offer to people who did not give up “Why?” questions?

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  • The Religions say that you shouldn’t interfere with creation or God’s will. But. Even if you go down that road, then whatever you do or decide is already contained in God’s will. It’s not people interfering with a creationg, it’s contingent intelligence expressing itself. This line of reason offers as little ethical discussion as does a purely Darwinist stance …

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  • Jemand erklärt mir, Quantenmechanik ist der Beweis dafür: alles ist Bewusstsein, und ich spontanentlade im Google+-Feed von Jutta Ahrens.

    Ich glaube, manche verwechseln rekursive Interaktion mit Nichtexistenz, weil sie sie gedanklich irgendwie wieder in die lineare Kausalität aufklappen.

    Den Rant muss ich hier aber für alle Ewigkeit festhalten, dass ich zu sowas fähig bin, ich! :-) …

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  • Mis-attempts at physics questions:

    Audience: “Is there a connection between the dark force and black holes?”
    Susskind: “Dark matter or dark energy?”

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