Yoga and Samkhya from a modern perspective
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Eine Einführung in Meditation für Techies.
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The Human Cron Job
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Reflections on Daoism.

Reflections on Daoism
The Signs of Perception.

How optimization should really be done.
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  • People who cherish authoritarian values or celebrate hierarchies appear to be on the rise. In corporations, in spite of the 90s and 2000s management literature hierarchies have never really been given up. The law requires those units to be hierarchies by definition, because it wants one person to be blamed for it all. A culture of blame is tightly tied to hierarchies and authoritarian behavior. As is mythical-religious thinking. But why does it appear to stick around and prevail?

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  • Thinking in loops appears to be not-so-common in modern empirical scientific settings that reduce phenomena to sequences of cause and effects. However, thinking in loops is at the roots of understanding complex emergent phenomena. One ancient model used to model causal-loops is the 5-node-model, which is at the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as the "five elements". Although the model has been widely misused by reductionist misunderstanding at later times, its original conception is both valid and genius. This article discusses the dynamics of the 5-node-model in depth.
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  • The biopsychosocial model, as proposed by George Engel, models trajectories of biological and social wholes. Biologically, the causal chain contains molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ (system), nerves (system) and person. Socially, this person participates in two-person interacts, family, community, culture, society and biosphere. However, the psychological axis of the person is reduced to “experience and behavior”. This article expands on the biopsychosocial model in the psychological dimension. It reframes Yogic perceptional models into modern psychological terms.
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  • After some extensive Wikipedia-Hopping, I want to summarize my stream of thoughts in a small New-Year’s article. As a practitioner of meditation and information scientist I have a natural interest in both schools of thought: the one that goes back to Buddha and the ancient Ionian. I argue that in the course of history, Ionian thinking reintroduced hierarchy to Buddhism.
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  • Observations at the local zoo, sitting on a bench under some bushes, watching furry and not so furry monkeys. Maybe this thing called intelligence is not so intelligent after all.

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